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As a hiring manager, you know that many factors are included in choosing the right candidate to welcome into your company. You spend hours sorting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes to determine which applicants might be a match for your opening.

When you have sifted through all the resumes, countless interviews begin and a hiring decision needs to be made. Making the correct hiring decisions is critical to the success of your business. You can, however, never be sure that a candidate possesses all of the qualities & requirements for your open position until they are actually on the job.

Sifting & Sorting

Did you know that according to business expert Peter Drucker, the level of hiring success is at only 50 percent for most managers? Simply put, that means that one out of two staff members are not qualified for their positions.

How can you reduce the risk of losing precious time and money when trying to find the best candidate for your position?

For more than 25 years, Dynamic Staffing has proven its place as one of Northeast Pennsylvania’s leading staffing firms. We provide a complete staffing solution to our clients and candidates by sourcing, identifying, evaluating and matching intelligent candidates with the right career opportunity. Whether you are a company looking for that “right fit” employee to add to your team, or an applicant in search of your perfect job, our dedicated staff will meet and exceed your expectations.

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A Qualified

The professionals at Dynamic Staffing understand your high expectations for your business and the demand for sufficient and qualified employees. Our numerous resources aid in finding the right candidate(s) for your company. We pride ourselves on the following principles:


We are aware that finding the right fit goes further than identifying candidates that are fluent in necessary skills for your company.


We understand your staffing requirements and aiming above these requirements are our top priorities.


We help you reach your goals and ideals by not only seeking out the person that demonstrates the correct skill sets for your company, but also an employee who will flourish within your organization’s culture.


We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the local business culture.


Our full-service solution provides temporary, payroll, temp-to-hire, contract and career placement services that tailor to your business needs.

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